3 Healthcare Stocks To Add To Your Watch-List

The healthcare industry is predicated on the notion that as diseases become more advanced and difficult to treat, companies responsible for the development of treatment options will then rise to the occasion to assist those suffering. Given that the world’s population is consistently increasing, aging, and resources are diminishing, access to quality healthcare is something vital to the wellness of every living person.  This in turn, presents a dire need for healthcare companies on a global scale.

As healthcare companies work to develop fresh methods for improving the quality of care that can be provided, whether it be technology, devices or drugs, the industry, in its entirety, will unite to meet the demands and needs of consumers in the space looking for quality healthcare.

Premier Health Group, Inc. (PHGRF) (PHGI)  annouced entering into a strategic partnership with China’s 360 Health, a healthcare subsidiary of 360 Security Technology, a leading online service company in China.  The two companies will implement an infrastructure whereby Premier will be providing second opinion services by connecting 360 Health’s patients in China with doctors in Canada both remotely and in person.

“We are very excited to be working with 360 Health as China continues to adopt a Family Practice primary care model and look forward to helping them establish themselves as a leader in primary care. This partnership represents an excellent opportunity for Premier to tap into the fastest growing telemedicine market globally,” said CEO, Dr. Essam Hamza.

Premier Health entered the primary care clinic and healthcare technology business via the HealthVue transaction and recently announced singing a definitive agreement to acquire all of the outstanding securities of Cloud Practice Inc, a national cloud-based medical records software application company whose products are used by by over 3,000 licensed practitioners and nearly 3 million registered patients.  Premier has also signed a binding LOI to acquire a British Columbia based pharmacy and expects the acquisition to close in Q1–19, while it continues to evaluate additional pharmacy acquisitions and/or partnerships.

Agenus, Inc. (AGEN) recently signed additional commercial license agreements Selexis SA, a life sciences company and a global leader in mammalian cell line generation technology. Under the new agreement, Agenus will leverage Selexis’ modular SUREtechnology Platform™ for the rapid, stable, and cost-effective production of its therapeutic proteins.

Alex Duncan, PhD, chief technology officer commented, “We have successfully used the Selexis’ platform to drive our lead anti-CTLA4 (AGEN1884) and anti-PD1 (AGEN2034) programs, and are excited to partner with them to advance our novel single agent and multi-specific antibody programs”.

Notably, Agenus last month announced entering into an immune-oncology partnership with Gilead Sciences, Inc., with the collaborative efforts focused on the development and commercialization of up to five novel immune-oncology therapies. According to the official announcement, Agenus will receive $150 million upon closing, which includes a $120 million upfront cash payment and a $30 million equity investment. The agreement also included approximately $1.7 billion in potential future fees and milestones.

AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ACRX) announced the publication of a pooled analysis in the peer reviewed journal, Pain Management, analyzing the results of AcelRx’s clinical studies to assess safety of sufentanil sublingual tablets for the short-term treatment of moderate-to-severe acute pain in medically supervised settings.

“In my experience treating emergency trauma and injury patients with DSUVIA, the overall adverse event profile, and lack of cognitive impairment following treatment with DSUVIA, supports the importance of this non-invasive opioid as a well-tolerated treatment option for moderate-to-severe acute pain management in hospitals,” said Dr. James Miner, Chief of Emergency Medicine at Hennepin Healthcare and lead investigator in the DSUVIA Emergency Department Study SAP302.

AcelRx was recently added to the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index® (NBI) effective December 24, 2018. AcelRx is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative therapies for use in medically supervised settings. The Company has one approved product in the U.S., DSUVIA, known as DZUVEO in Europe, indicated for the management of acute pain and, Zalviso® for moderate-to-severe acute approved products in Europe. Zalviso is not approved in the U.S.


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