Biotech Stocks To Watch After Latest Series Of Big Pharma Buyouts

Clinical Stage Biotech Stocks Could Present First-In-Line Opportunity

This isn’t just about breakthrough treatment technologies. We’re also talking about a bigger picture with clinical-stage biotechnology companies themselves. Case in point, anyone can call a blue-chip biotech stock a success. But were they there when that company was in its early clinical or event preclinical stages? If that question were asked to most about Pfizer or Bayer today, the answer would likely be “no.”

biotech stocks to watch

There are countless examples of clinical-stage companies hitting it big after reporting meaningful trial results. And it’s usually the early onlookers who may have the upper hand at capitalizing:

Deciphera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. more than doubled after reporting positive top-line results from a phase 3 clinical study from $19.95 to as high as $42.99… 115%

CorMedix, Inc. Exploded From $6.30 to $13.60 Following Positive Interim Study Results … 116%

CEL-SCI Corporation Jumps From $3.00 March 2019 To Nearly $9 Following Series Of Phase Trial Updates… 199%

Corindus Vascular Robotics, Inc. Rallies from $0.99 At the Start of 2019 to highs of $4.27 Following Agreement to Be Acquired By Siemens Healthineers Just 8 Months Later…  331%

Zynex Rallies From Just $2.60 in January to highs of $11.75… 351%

And these are just a few examples of biotech stock catalysts that sent these companies soaring in 2019. While many of the drugs in development are two-to-five years from reaching the market – if they get that far – betting on the feverish deal activity could give investors a chance to profit near term.

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